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Пятница так пятница

Раз уж действительно пятница, гуляем!

Кусочек совместного живого клубного концерта (довольно старого)

Алкистис Протопсалти и Димитра Галани
Видео неважное, но передаёт бардак атмосферу клубного концерта.

Там две песни, английские переводы положу тут (ссылки на источник - lyricstranslate.com - в заголовках).

The Things Made of Paper

Over the clouds at the other sky
I will make a kingdom of newspapers
To fit the paper age
That blew away people's hopes

In order for the things made of paper to be burnt
Take the heart torn into pieces
To live without it
With one
With one fire I'd better
Warm, knew
The emptiness inside me

From the balconies made from paper the heart
Will be flying will be braking like a flag
One fire that will be waiting for the wind to come
To enlighten together with the fake

Gas Station

Let me have on some heaven's cloud
just one petty gas station;
in the void sticking my neck out
for my wrongful star's privation,
scrap the hearts and cast'em out
in the body's condemnation

Bring me lots of glasses
and break them all in bits
cut the final kiss
I want to hit it up

The lot of your favours
to me delayed a lot
and the fool I've shot
in heaven without sup

And I may even forget
returning to this world's itches,
I am a dead weight inert
for the time of the gypsies

Flames and hearts scrap cast'em out;
God's on top an unfair creation;
let me be on some heaven's cloud
in an olden gas station

If I could on some heaven's cloud x2
just my soul have stoopin' up
and with lightnings to work around
all the aches I was scoopin' up
maybe then I could turn around
my distress and whoop it up

Tags: айнэнэ, дискотека80-х, я люблю тебя жизнь

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