qqqsss (qqqsss) wrote in music_in_head,

Выньте Дэвида из моей головы!

Клип- смотреть нечего, для желающих подпеть текст:
Oh yeah, yeah
We started out being friends
I had my girl, and you had him
Who would have known, we were ready then
(Cause I’m holding you tight, in the middle of the night
After we just finished love making)
We both waited, withered the storm
Could’ve cheated, but knew that’d be wrong
Even though we came close
(Had to get you out of my mind
I’ve been round a few times
If I slip and committed the crime)
More than just a feeling
This is more than just a crush
This ain’t some romantic gesture
This right here is called real love
And nothing really matters
As long as there’s you and me there’s us
And I’m letting go now
I ain’t felt nothing like this, like this
I ain’t felt nothing like this, like this
I ain’t felt nothing like this, like this
No I ain’t felt nothing quite like this
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